Gourmet Delight: Elevating Your Culinary Experience with Double-Skinned Crab Recipe

Unlock the full potential of your culinary skills with a tantalizing recipe featuring the exquisite flavors and enhanced nutrition of Double-Skinned Crabs. Indulge in a gastronomic adventure that transforms these rare crustaceans into a masterpiece on your plate.


10/20/20231 min read

seafood supplier
seafood supplier
Double-Skinned Crab and Asparagus Risotto
  • 1 cup Arborio rice

  • 2 cups Double-Skinned Crab meat (picked and cleaned)

  • 1 bunch fresh asparagus, chopped

  • 1 shallot, finely chopped

  • 3 cloves garlic, minced

  • 1/2 cup dry white wine

  • 4 cups chicken or vegetable broth

  • 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese, grated

  • Fresh parsley, chopped (for garnish)

  • Salt and pepper to taste

  • Olive oil for cooking


Prepare the Broth:

  • Heat the chicken or vegetable broth in a separate pot and keep it simmering on low heat.

Sauté Aromatics:

  • In a large pan, sauté the finely chopped shallot and minced garlic in olive oil until translucent.

Add Arborio Rice:

  • Stir in the Arborio rice, ensuring it's well-coated with the aromatics and slightly toasted.

Deglaze with Wine:

  • Pour in the dry white wine and stir until it's mostly absorbed by the rice.

Gradual Broth Addition:

  • Begin adding the warm broth one ladle at a time, stirring frequently. Allow the liquid to be absorbed before adding the next ladle. Continue until the rice is al dente.

Incorporate Crab and Asparagus:

  • Gently fold in the Double-Skinned Crab meat and chopped asparagus during the last few minutes of cooking, allowing them to cook through.

Finish with Parmesan:

  • Once the rice is creamy and the crab and asparagus are tender, remove the pan from heat. Stir in the grated Parmesan cheese, and season with salt and pepper to taste.

Serve and Garnish:

  • Spoon the Double-Skinned Crab and Asparagus Risotto onto plates, garnishing with a sprinkle of fresh chopped parsley.

Savor the Symphony:

  • Delight in the symphony of flavors as the creamy risotto perfectly complements the succulence of Double-Skinned Crab and the vibrant crunch of asparagus.

This Double-Skinned Crab and Asparagus Risotto is a culinary masterpiece, blending the richness of Double-Skinned Crabs with the delicate notes of asparagus and the creamy allure of risotto. Elevate your dining experience with this gourmet delight that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also brings the enhanced nutrition of Double-Skinned Crabs to the forefront of your culinary repertoire.