Double-skinned crab - What is it? The gourmet way to enjoy Double-skinned crab

Explore the culinary delight of double-skinned crabs and uncover the gourmet way to savor these delicacies. Join us in decoding the mysteries of double-skinned crabs and elevating your seafood experience.



9/7/20231 min read

double skinned crabs
double skinned crabs

Selecting and preparing Double-skinned crab: To enjoy the most delicious Double-skinned crab, choosing and preparing crabs properly is very important. Choose fresh Double-skinned crab, with hard shells and moderate weight. Then, clean the crabs by rinsing them with cold water to remove any remaining sand or dirt.

Cooking method of Double-skinned crab: Double-skinned crab can be cooked in many different methods, but the two most common methods are steaming and boiling. Steaming Double-skinned crab helps preserve the natural flavor and freshness of crab meat. Meanwhile, boiling Double-skinned crab provides a simple and delicious dish.

Enjoying Double-skinned Crab: To enjoy the quintessential flavor of Double-skinned crab, especially the soft shell, you should not use your hands to remove them. Instead, use a stainless steel spoon to smash the crab shell as if you were beating balut, the crispy crab shell will break and the skin underneath will appear. Break all the hard crab shells on top until the entire skin underneath is exposed intact like another crab shape. Then use scissors or a knife to cut the middle of the crab body and divide the crab into two halves. At this time, the lipstick layer below (light yellow) will appear. The red bricklayer is very special because of its light color and very fragrant flavor, not just like the red brick of brick crab. As soon as this layer of lipstick is tasted on the tip of the tongue, it has a fatty and fragrant taste.

Emphasis on experience: To best enjoy Double-skinned crab, create an enjoyable experience. You can organize a crab party with family and friends. In addition, you can also enjoy Double-skinned crab at reputable beach restaurants to experience great dishes and cool blue sea space.

Double-skinned Crab are a wonderful organic seafood, bringing the quintessential taste of the sea. By properly selecting and preparing crabs, following the right cooking methods and enjoying them properly, you can enjoy a wonderfully delicious seafood dish. Try it once to know the unforgettable taste of Double-skinned crab.