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shallow focus photography of green crab
shallow focus photography of green crab

Double-skinned Crabs, also known as double-shell crabs, are a distinctive term for a specific stage in the life of crab families. This is the period just a few days before the crabs molt. It is considered the stage when the crab meat is the most delicious and firm. Therefore, whenever there is an opportunity, people always choose these double-skinned Crabs from Ca Mau in the fifth lunar month for their meals.

Double-skinned Crabs - Ca Mau

✅ One of the interesting facts about double-skinned Crabs from Ca Mau compared to meat crabs is that they never have a shell. While meat crabs may run the risk of having shell pieces when consumed, the firmness of double-skinned Crabs is 100%. In addition, the shell of double-skinned Crabs is praised for being tasty, chewy, and more flavorful than the meat crabs at other stages.

Double-skinned Crabs are often likened to a type of crab reserved for the most discerning and gourmet food enthusiasts because the essence of the crab is crystallized during this stage.

Double-skinned Crabs - Ca Mau


✅ Like crab meat in every stage, double-skinned Crabs also possess nutrients beneficial to human health. Moreover, the concentration of nutrients during this stage is always higher. It is believed that, before molting, double-skinned Crabs from Ca Mau in the fifth lunar month have focused the essence of their entire long lifespan on this development. Therefore, the nutritional value is highly regarded.

Double-skinned Crabs - Ca Mau

✅ In general, crab varieties and specifically double-skinned Crabs can be considered as one of the most nutritious foods today. In addition to common nutrients, double-skinned Crabs contain valuable nutrients such as:

Double-skinned Crabs are rich in Protein

The protein content in double-skinned Crabs - two-shell crabs is even higher, and the protein in crabs can be easily absorbed many times more than the proteins in beef, pork, and poultry.

Double-skinned Crabs - Ca Mau

Research has shown that, in terms of nutritional content per unit weight, sea crabs have much higher protein content and are easily absorbed many times more than other types of meat. For this reason, they are considered a valuable and nutritious food, suitable for nourishing the body and providing energy.

Double-skinned Crabs can protect cardiovascular health

In the meat of double-skinned Crabs from Ca Mau, there is a high level of Omega 3, especially during the double-skinned stage. Additionally, the crab meat also contains many other essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, which can effectively maintain cardiovascular health.

Double-skinned Crabs - Ca Mau

✅ Some studies indicate that the fatty acid content reaches 500 - 1000 mg per 100 grams of crab meat. In particular, it contains a significant amount of Omega 3.

✅ In addition, double-skinned Crabs from the period just before molting also contain many B vitamins that play a role in red blood cell regeneration, stabilizing blood pressure, and promoting metabolism. This is great news, especially for those with anemia.

Double-skinned Crabs - Ca Mau

Supplementing essential minerals

✅ In addition to protein and fat content, the meat and crab roe of double-skinned Crabs in the fifth lunar month also contains many essential minerals for daily body functions. Some names include Iron, Potassium, Zinc, and Copper, which are necessary trace elements for the body.


✅ Crab meat is relatively easy to cook and has many ways to prepare for different tastes. However, when cooking double-skinned Crabs from Ca Mau in the fifth lunar month, it is important to pay attention to preserving the unique flavor of these crabs, and the most suitable dish is steamed crab.

Steamed Crab

Steamed double-skinned Crabs from Ca Mau in the fifth lunar month

To prepare the dish, double-skinned crabs, depending on the number of people eating, are needed. Other ingredients include canned beer or a small cup of wine, coconut water, lemongrass, lime, ginger, and necessary spices.


Prepare the crabs by cleaning and removing the intestines, cutting them in half. Soak the crabs in coconut water for 15-30 minutes, and if they are large, they can be lightly pounded. Steam the crabs using beer or a cup of wine, with a few slices of lime beside the crabs. Steam over low heat until the color turns orange-red, then they are ready to be used (about 20 minutes).

Steamed double-skinned Crabs from Ca Mau

✅ Eat immediately while still hot, and it can be enjoyed with dipping sauce or salt and pepper.

✅ This is a simple and easy-to-make dish. It can be used as an appetizer, a light meal, or eaten with white rice, and it tastes delicious.

seamorny - vietnamese crab supplier
seamorny - vietnamese crab supplier


Double-skinned mud crabs from Ca Mau, Nam Can, are relatively rare, and finding a reliable and consistently available source can be challenging. Seamorny mud crab exporter is the ideal destination for food enthusiasts who love this nutritious dish.

Double-skinned mud crabs from Ca Mau

Seamorny specializes in providing high-quality seafood at extremely friendly prices. Here, double-skinned mud crabs from Nam Can, Ca Mau, are carefully selected to ensure freshness and the highest quality. Therefore, customers can completely trust us when choosing our products.

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